Roof Inspection Service

Roof Inspection And You Can Work on That

The roof is an essential part of the building. However, it is this one that leaves the most exposed to the negative impact of the external environment. The life of the people in the building may depend on the condition of the roof, therefore, increased requirements should be made to SNiPs, GOSTs and other construction documents.

Inspection of The Roof

A procedure often ordered in our company. The results obtained during the assessment of the building provide complete information about latent deformations and wear resistance of the investigated object. When examining the roof, our experts determine the degree of wear and tear with 100% accuracy, after which they provide you with a defective sheet, roof inspection certificate and a detailed report.

Technical inspection of the roof is carried out according to the established method. An assessment of the condition of the roof is necessary both at the stage of putting the building into operation, and during operation. When examining, we use a shuttle scheme. It makes it possible to carry out a planned description of possible places of leaks and cracks. Note that in the first year of operation, up to 45% of roofs have problems.

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Inspection of The Roof of Buildings

Possible Damage To Roofs of Various Types

Damage to the roof of buildings happens quite often. There may be several reasons: violations in the device of rafters, roofing; external mechanical influences. The most commonplace is the physical deterioration of materials. Evidence of dangerous violations are leaks, corrosion of rafters and fasteners, cracks or bubbles of the roofing material. Go for the roof inspection checklist and have the best solutions now.

Problems can be prevented if their occurrence is detected in a timely manner. Important points in the examination:

  • The procedure is preferably carried out periodically (2-3 times a year).
  • Inspection is necessary before major repairs and after installation of a roof.
  • The owner receives a guarantee of the safety of the building.
  • The results are used to make a repair plan.

In What Cases Order A Survey Service? Who Is Conducting It?

Errors in the design can be detected during the inspection of buildings. The rafter sector, which does not comply with the building rules, leads to deformation of the roof elements during strong winds, foundation movements. With affordable roof inspection cost you can find the best deals now. The next reason is deviations from technology when laying the coating. They can cause excessive tension of the roof elements. Large hail, trees can damage the roof. Before the arrival of specialists and the examination, the probable cause of the leak can be tried to find out on your own.


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