Roof Installation Service

Roof Installation and What You Need to Do Now

As this is one of the most important components of a house, it is important to take care of the roof of your house to avoid having to redo your roof every year. For the new roof installation this is one important deal now.

But as the repair of the roof is still necessary at a certain point, here is practical information on what you need to know, both in terms of materials and the steps to follow before giving the contract to a roofer. In case of quality roof installation there are certain options that you can opt for now.


Mainly Used For Covering Flat Roofs

Before, tar was the material of choice for this type of covering. The hot summer weather and the strength of the sun caused the cracks to be plugged.

It is actually felt that has been saturated in liquid asphalt, between each of its layers. The whole is then covered with gravel. In case of the roofing installation this is the best deal.


  • Inexpensive, in general. (The price may vary depending on the inhabited region, among others.)
  • Asphalt has a shorter lifespan than tar, and the sun can be harmful in the long run. (ex: cracks)
  • Good durability.
  • More uniform finish.
  • Resists humidity very well.
  • It is a material that requires little maintenance.
  • It is found in several variations of colors, finishes or styles.
  • The quality of the material has an impact on the life of the roof. It is therefore important to ensure the value of the shingles.

Wood Shingles

Available in several species, a bit like for different types of flooring. If the shingles have a rough surface, it is necessary to redo the stain every 15 years, while for smooth surfaces, it will have to be redone every 5 years.

Guarantee: between 25 and 55 years.

Good impermeability, due to the roasting of wood.

Flammable: it is therefore important to check with your roofer before choosing this material, on construction standards, but also to consult the National Fire Prevention Code. In case of roof replacement you can go for the best deals now.


  • Good resistance and good durability
  • Several variations of shapes and colors (species) for treated wood
  • Very good resistance to climatic conditions (sun, frost, rain, wind, etc.)
  • Durable and light, they are also resistant against mold and require little or no maintenance.
  • It is a white membrane, so it does not retain the heat of the sun. In addition, they reduce the presence of heat islands.
  • Unlike most other types of roofs, they are recyclable and therefore less polluting.


It is a pleasure to work with a company that provides fast and reliable service at a very competitive price. We appreciate the quality of your worksmanship and like the assurance we get because it comes with a guarantee too!
Simone Ackerman
Yuma, AZ